Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hamlet Gonashvili - Hamlet

Moving east from Poland to Georgia, here's one that took me a few years to track down. Not so much because of the rarity of the album, but because it took a bit of detective work to figure out what I was even looking for. Good to know that everything isn't at our fingertips even in the age of internet.

It all started with this scene from Werner Herzog's Nosferatu:

While most of the soundtrack was done by the mighty Popul Vuh, this scene uses a bit of Georgian polyphonic chant credited to the Vokal Ansambl Gordela. Good luck tracking down their lone LP from 1969, "Georgian Folk Songs" (though I wouldn't mind if someone did and uploaded it for the rest of us!).

What I was able to find was a compilation of music by one of the founders of the group, Hamlet Gonashvili. I'll skip the Shakespeare jokes and just say that he has an awesome name. The music's pretty decent, too.

Hamlet Gonashvili - "Hamlet" CD

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