Tuesday, March 29, 2011

V/A - Psychedelices 1969 - 1972

Here's a compilation I ran across on the file sharing networks. Searches for "Psychedelices" (which I think could be roughly translated to something like "psychedelicacies"... correct me if I'm wrong here) only turn up a highly questionable album by some modern French singer who is probably referred to as a "chanteuse" even in her English-language press kit. So anyway, I don't think this is actually a real compilation available anywhere. It's in a similar vein to the mind-blowing Finders Keepers The BYG Deal disc, to the point where I actually wondered if this might not be an early version of that compilation that got leaked onto the web. There is a bit of overlap, although this one's missing some of the more leftfield inclusions from The BYG Deal (the Kuhn brothers' Bloody Rockers, Art Ensemble of Chicago's "rock" song, and that fucking Vangelis tune!). What it may lack in breadth, however, it makes up for in depth... Some rare 45-only tracks by French pop-prog space invaders such as Alice and the Alan Jack Civilization, with multiple songs by most of the artists featured. I mean...
...you do realize you need to download this, right?

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