Saturday, April 2, 2011

Los Pekenikes - Grandes Éxitos

Formed in Madrid in 1959, Los Pekenikes started off playing surf-inspired instrumental covers of the English-language hits of the era. They stuck together through the '60s, opening for the Beatles and picking up other influences along the way: classical, spaghetti westerns, waltzes and more, all melded with that original echoey surf guitar and backed by ambitious orchestral arrangements and rampant multi-instrumentalism. The material here dates from 1966 through the early ´70s, the point when they really found their own voice and started putting out records of their own special genre-melding brand of pop genius. Don't sleep on it!

The audio in this video's a bit muddy, but it's worth a look to see just how they pulled these songs off live. Insane.

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