Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pugh Rogefeldt - Ja, Dä ä Dä (1969)

Album number one from this glassy-eyed Swedish rockstar of yesteryear, "Ja, Dä ä Dä" may be more readily recognizable to many as the source of that DJ Shadow sample from "...Endtroducing." Make no mistake, though, Mr. Rogefeldt's idiosyncratic and sometimes whimsical pop is worth a listen in its own right. His later albums sort of wandered off down a less-appealing boogie-rock path, and you can see it coming at times here, but the guy's charisma makes up for it.... The first three tracks, including a cover of Kurt Weill's "Surabaya Johnny," are a lead-off 1-2-(3) punch that could make anybody jealous.

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