Thursday, April 28, 2011

V/A - Beat der Sozialisten, Vol. 2

Pop Overbite is going on vacation for a month or so, but here's one for the road, another compilation to keep your ears occupied for a bit... This one is all bands from the former Eastern Bloc. There's the requisite amount of typical period fare here, but there is enough Bolshevik brilliance to make this one worth your while. Check out the broken amp fuzz of Krzysztof Klenczon (below), Hungary's General flexing their heavy pop chops with some Rob Halford-like banshee wailing from their frontwoman, some funky drumming from fellow Magyar lady of rock Kati Kovacs, a bit of early Scorpions-esque proto-metal from the DDR, with what sounds like (but I suspect is in fact not) a Jew's harp, courtesy of Puhdys... And the list goes on. Check it out for yourself!

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