Monday, April 18, 2011

V/A - Las Raíces de la Chicha, Vol. 1

Poking around blogland, I came across this fine compilation of psychedelic cumbias from Peru! Get it over at Garage Latino. Lots of other ridiculously rare stuff to check out, too. This has to be one of the better collections of chicha out there, which may be explained by the fact that it seems to have been put together by some Peruvian collector nerds, and is thus more representative of the scene in general than some of the other compilations. Lots of tunes I hadn't heard. The bigger names, like Los Destellos and Los Mirlos and Juaneco, are well represented, with a bunch of songs which I don't think have been comped yet, along with much more random and obscure stuff, like Los Zheros from Iquitos, Los Claveles and Popi y Sus Pirañas. There's even a cover of Simon and Garfunkle's "Sound of Silence," done up chicha-style. Don't miss Volume 2, while you're at it... Psychedelic cumbia or bust!

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